Public Records Show Freedom Center Improprieties!


The Freedom Center waited till the day after the Tucson Unified School District meeting on 12/11/2018 to release the documents that this page brings to light. When you read what follows, you’ll see why. It didn’t work – everyone on the TUSD Board gave thumbs down to the Freedom Center textbook and course anyway. Many of these documents are from the early years of the Freedom Center when the people involved were quite careless about covering their tracks, so there are some passages that make no bones about enforcing donor intent, in clear violation of UA policy and academic freedom. They’ve gotten more careful as the years have passed, but as an officer of the Charles Koch Foundation put it at a Koch-sponsored “American Private Enterprise Education” conference in 2016, the director of any academic center that the Kochs set up embodies the donor’s intent. What need, then, for written agreements that make it all too clear just what is going on? And in the case of the Freedom Center at UA, the director is still the man who instigated the whole thing here 15 or so years ago: David Schmidtz.

Founding documents

Proposal to establish Freedom Center
PEMS approval docs

Donor influence

Proposal to Kendrick 3-9-2004
Contract for Kendrick to sign 11-27-06
Kendrick Acceptance of FC contract 12-5-06
Maloney thank you to Kendrick 12-11-06
Memo from Maloney to dean re Kendrick agreement
Kendrick email to Koch re-enforcing donor intent
Gift agreement summary forms


Gift agreement summary forms p 2
Proposal to Templeton re Freedom Center objectives
Progress Report to Templeton re changing ppe

UA Cover-ups

UA email to Assoc Press re Koch funding 4-27-16
Provost Letter to Harris re Koch funding 9-21-17
Gift agreement summary forms
Faculty hired with Koch $1m gift
Schmidtz’ language for pr re funding 9-29-17
J.P. Jones reply to Jim Hannley 7-19-18

Financial documents

List of Donors 2008-2017 (called Tabili PRR. Item 2)
List of Freedom Center Donors and Amounts, 2004-2019